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Kira Kener: ...Born and raised in San Jose, moved out to North Carolina and now I'm gonna relocate to LA. How did you end up doing adult? Did you have a real job before?
Kira : I had a real job and then my friends told me I should try cocktail waitressing, so I went into a strip club and I couldn't even look at the girls, I was like, "Oh my God, they have no clothes on!" I started waitressing and then I went into dancing and then...[I got a contract to] feature dance across the US.... And I joined forces with Lee Network, my dance agent, and I asked them about doing some box covers, because I saw an ad, and they were like..."I'm sure some big company will take you," and I was like, "No, they don't want me"...but I got out there...and Vivid offered me a contract right off.... Do you ever come to Club Elite in Pittsburgh?
KK: Yes, I've been there a few times! At least three times. What's your favorite part of dancing?
KK: You know, I've always been a performer. I always like seeing a big show come together. ...I love glitzy costumes...I love to meet my fans...I love everything about it.... The stage is my playground. Would you rather dance topless or nude?
KK: Either one doesn't bother me. Actually, nude, because when I dance topless, I forget and start pulling my panties down! What's your favorite part about making sex movies--what's your favorite part about the sex?
KK: Okay, here's the story: Little old country girl, before I got into the porno business, boring, boring, boring, boring sex. Only about three positions and that was it.... Now with every movie, it's a new experience, finding something different in sex, and I'm becoming a wild child and I absolutely love it. Wow! I've never heard this before. So were you like a late bloomer...?
KK: I'm still blooming! Actually, I'm loving getting older and I love my job... It's always something new happening. Does your family know what you do?
KK: No. My brother knows and that's about it, cause he works for me. My parents...never go out.... They have cable, but they never watch it. And as far as my mom, she comes from Vietnam and she's like, "Porn star, what's that?" Growing up, talking about guys, it was like, "Oh, mom, look at him, he's cute," and she was like, "I have eyes for only one man--I don't see hiiiiiim...." But my parents are very supportive--they would support any decision I make. But you don't feel like it's hard to keep this a secret because they're sheltered?
KK: Basically, if they were to ask me, I'd say, "Oh, yeah, that's what I do," but they don't ask questions, and I don't volunteer a whole bunch. But I mean, do they notice that you're sorta more glammed-out now?
KK: I've worked for a DJ company since '95. Actually, I've worked CES the whole time, but on the other side, signing posters. ...And I've given [calendars and posters] to my mom and she goes, "Oh, that's great," and I get mainstream offers now, and she's like, "I'm so excited, I can't wait." So she's Vietnamese, what's the rest of your heritage?
KK: My Dad's Norwegian. Well, it came out real nice. Do you prefer men or women?
KK: On-screen and in my personal life, I definitely, definitely prefer men. (Actually this year I said I would try a woman.) ...I walked into Vivid and said, "You know, the only thing is, I have to have condoms only and no girls." And they loved it. I'm one of their only girls that doesn't wanna work with girls. I heard someone say that it's easier to work with girls--well I guess you don't know yet--
KK: I don't know. I'm comfortable working with guys. It's like throw me two guys any day, as opposed to a girl. But why would you be willing to work with girls now?
KK: Um, I'm exploring. ...And I'm loosening up, and it's an adventure. So you're a girl-virgin?
KK: Yes! I've had so many girls come up to me, saying, "I wanna do you, are you drunk enough?" ...And I'm like, "You'll be my first," but I've told that to like seven different girls. Who are your favorite men to work with?
KK: Actually, I haven't had a bad experience yet. And I get the same people all the time, but I really love working with them. I guess I'm just really blessed.... What if you want to bring in a stranger?
KK: It's up to me. It's my choice, and every once in a while they'll say, "Here's a list of guys-what do you think of these guys?" And I'll be like, "Okay!" How have your personal relationships changed since you've done adult?
KK: Okay, I've always attracted the psychotic in the past and then I've finally gotten past that, and now I've just seen a different light. I can't explain how things have changed for me.... Have your relationships with men gotten better?
KK: Yeah, because I just don't deal with a lot of crap. [Kira is called away.]

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